Basic information

What are Faucets?

The faucet are sites that give bitcoin fractions, usually in the form of satoshi, which is the smallest unit in a bitcoin is divided. The faucets are usually financed through advertising.

How the rewards are claimed?

Users entering the site must enter the address of Bitcoin wallet having and solving a capcha may claim their reward. To reapply a reward, depending on site again there is a waiting time ranging from minutes to hours. Rewards are usually maintained between 10 - 100 - 150-250 - 500 - 1000 or more.

What is ePay?

Some pages Faucet work with this method is only an intermediary between the Faucet and you, that is, it is a temporary storage used by some Faucet Bitcoins to pay. The advantage of this is to avoid paying high rates because it is better to send a large cumulative Satohis that small consignments. ePay then accumulates the Satoshis and upon reaching the minimum necessary sends it to your purse for free. To create an account in ePay just enough to enter a Faucet work with this method put your purse as Coinbase address and automatically create a record in ePay. You can enter the page where you can see the accumulated Satoshis and choose to modify the minimum payment when you reach that minimum payment ePay you send them to your wallet.

How to use the list of Faucet?
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Select any of the faucet, complete
steps to claim your reward.
Come back for a reward after the specified time